Skill Test Answers profiles a vast range of certifications for every skill. Any Freelancer can take these tests and showcase his abilities as high score as results. Any Freelancer can take them to exhibit their skills. gives extra edges to profiles having relevant skill tests cleared as they are shown on preference basis in freelancer searches also when a certain client checks the proposal list for his posted job.

Benefits of passing freelancer exams

  • As a new worker at, your profile doesn't have any reviews or ratings to impress clients so these tests can be a great way to showcase your abilities.
  • Already working Freelancer profiles which have high ratings also need these tests if they want to attract new customers on a continuous basis.
  • Research proves that all the clients check a customer profile and notice the test score as they are shown very prominently on their profile.
  • Clients do not show much interest in Freelancer profile if a test score is below average or unimpressive. You need to have 85% or higher score to win client’s trust that you are worth giving a chance.
  • We know that client’s don’t only hire you because of your freelancer exams score but if a client has to choose in two profiles, one has high test score in all test and other does not have any test passed, the client will definitely go for the one having freelancer certifications passed with high score.

Available Tests

Test Name Last Updated
3DsMax Level-1 May, 2019
ActionScript 3.0 - Level 3 May, 2019
ActionScript 3.0 Level-1 May, 2019
ADO.NET - Level 3 May, 2019
Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Test May, 2019
Adobe Flex 3.0 Test May, 2019
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Level-1 May, 2019
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Level-2 May, 2019
Adobe Illustrator CS5 - Level 3 May, 2019
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Level-1 May, 2019
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Level-2 May, 2019
Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Level 3 May, 2019
AJAX Programming Level-1 May, 2019
Android Level-1 May, 2019
Android Development - Level 3 May, 2019
ASP.NET Level-1 May, 2019
AWS Level-1 May, 2019
Basic Numeracy Level-1 May, 2019
Blogging Level-1 May, 2019
C Programming Level-1 May, 2019
C# Programming Level-1 May, 2019
C++ Level-1 May, 2019
CGI Programming - Level 3 May, 2019
Computer Graphics Level-1 May, 2019
Computer Security Level-1 May, 2019
Dart Programming Language - Level 3 May, 2019
Delphi Programming Level-1 May, 2019
DNS & BIND - Level 3 May, 2019
Domino Designer - Level 3 May, 2019
Drupal Level-1 May, 2019
Ethernet for Admins - Level 3 May, 2019
Facebook API Level-1 May, 2019
FastCGI - Level 3 May, 2019
Flash CS5 Level-1 May, 2019
Fortran - Level 3 May, 2019
Google AdSense Level-1 May, 2019
Google Cloud Storage - Level 3 May, 2019
Google Webmaster Central Level-1 May, 2019
Google Website Optimizer Level-1 May, 2019
HTML Level-1 May, 2019
HTML Level-2 May, 2019
HTML Level-3 May, 2019
HTML5 Level-1 May, 2019
iPhone Development Level-1 May, 2019
Java Level-1 May, 2019
Java Level-2 May, 2019
JavaScript Level-1 May, 2019
JavaScript Level-2 May, 2019
JavaScript Level-3 May, 2019
Joomla! Level-1 May, 2019
JQuery Level-1 May, 2019
JQuery Level-2 May, 2019
JQuery - Level 3 May, 2019
Kerberos - Level 3 May, 2019
lex & yacc - Level 3 May, 2019
LINQ - Level 3 May, 2019
MYSQL Level-1 May, 2019
Objective-C Level-1 May, 2019
PhoneGap Level-1 May, 2019
PHP Level-1 May, 2019
PHP Level-2 May, 2019
PHP Level-3 May, 2019
PHP5 Level-1 May, 2019
Preferred Freelancer Program SLA May, 2019
Python Level-1 May, 2019
Ruby on Rails Level-1 May, 2019
SEO Level-1 May, 2019
SEO Level-2 May, 2019
SEO Level-3 May, 2019
SQL Server Level-1 May, 2019
Twitter API Level-1 May, 2019
Twitter Development Level-1 May, 2019
UK English Level-1 May, 2019
UK English Level-2 May, 2019
US English Level-1 May, 2019
US English Level-2 May, 2019
US English Level-3 May, 2019
VB.NET Level-1 May, 2019
Windows Phone Level-1 May, 2019
Windows Phone Level-2 May, 2019
WordPress Level-1 May, 2019
XHTML Level-1 May, 2019
XML Level-1 May, 2019

Upon passing every test you are awarded Badge which is forever shown on your profile as efforts of your results.

This is a great way to impress clients and increase your chances to be hired as well. These tests are very hard to pass also there is very little time given for each test. Also on top of all this, you need to pay a 5$/fee for each exam and if you fail you need to pay again. Let us help you with this tough situation. Our experts will take any exam you want for you for free and help you achieve a high score like 85%-98% guaranteed for all exams of your choice.

How can we help?

As explained earlier each test has a 5$ price tag as exam fee for all Level-1 exams. An overall time of 15 minutes is given for total 40 questions which leave you with 22 seconds for each question to answer or you will timeout. These questions are not that easy to be answered in that much time. Also, you will be in danger to lose 5$ exam fee if you fail in exam. So our expert will help you in this situation without services to pass exams with 85%-98% positions for sure. Services are provided via TeamViewer and login info and a guarantee is provided for all services. All you need to do is to contact our customer support and we will help you pass all Freelancer Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 exams.

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