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LinkedIn Angular JS

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update February, 2023

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Exam Detail

AngularJS linkedin assessment

What is the primary difference between a component and a directive?

A component uses a selector metadata property and a directive does not.

A directive can be used for adding custom events to the DOM and a component cannot.

A directive can only target native DOM elements.

A component has a template, a directive does not.

linkedin learning AngularJS

Which DOM elements will this component metadata selector match on?


selector: 'app-user-card',

. . .



a) any element with the attribute app-user-card, such as


any element with the attribute null, such as null


b) the first instance of the first instance of null

c) all instances of all instances of null

d) all instances of

linkedin Angular assessment answers

Pick the best description for the following template syntax code:

Boss: {{ job?.bossName }}


There is an error in this template syntax. The ? is not valid here.

It is using the safe navigation operator (?) on the job field. If the job field is undefined, the access to the bossName will be ignored and no error will occur.

The ? is shorthand for the async pipe. The job value must be an Observable.

It is displaying the job value if it has one; otherwise it is displaying the bossName.

linkedin AngularJS assessment answers

What would be an example template syntax usage of the following custom pipe?

@Pipe({ name: 'truncate' })

export class TruncatePipe implements PipeTransform {

  transform(value: string, maxLength: number, showEllipsis: boolean) {

    const newValue = maxLength ? value.substr(0, maxLength) : value;

    return showEllipsis ? `${newValue}...` : newValue;




{{ 'some long text' | truncate }}

{{ 'some long text' | truncate:10:true }}

All of these are correct.

{{ 'some long text' | truncate:10 }}

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