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LinkedIn Unity

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

  Linkedin Unity assessment answers

A developer executes the C# code below, which finds any game objects tagged as "Enemy" in a Start event. But the developer notices that, when executed, FindGameObjectsWithTag returns NULL even though the scene contains objects tagged as "Enemy." What is a possible cause?

GameObject[] MyEnemies = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy");

  • The objects are on the UI layer.
  • The objects are not named "Enemy".
  • The objects are deactivated.
  • The objects are animated.

Linkedin Unity assessment

How does the Range C# attribute control the interaction behavior of numerical variables in the Object Inspector?

  • It validates the variable values through a text box widget.
  • It restricts the variable values using a slider widget.
  • It restricts the variable values using a color picker widget.
  • It presents valid options in a drop-down list.

Linkedin Unity test answers

Which feature generates binary tree data to optimize camera rendering in a scene?

  • Occlusion Culling
  • navigation mesh
  • render textures
  • Profiler

Unity Linkedin test answers

Draw call batching is a graphics optimization technique. What is one way to facilitate this?

  • keeping meshes close together in a scene
  • hiding meshes that are distant from the camera
  • sharing the same material among as many meshes as possible
  • developing an imposter system that substitutes billboards for meshes

Unity Linkedin learning

IEnumerator objects are commonly encountered when using which scripting feature?

  • coroutines
  • events
  • classes
  • functions

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