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LinkedIn WordPress

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update April, 2024

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Exam Detail

  Linkedin Wordpress test answers

In WordPress, what is true of plug-ins?

  • Plug-ins are available in free or premium (paid) versions.
  • Plug-ins add site-specific features.
  • Plug-ins can extend WordPress core functionality.
  • all of these answers

Linkedin Wordpress assessment

Akismet is a plugin that comes automatically installed with WordPress. FWhat color is the paragraph nested within the div?

  • It connects your site to Google Analytics.
  • It protects your site from comment spam.
  • It hardens site security by enforcing strong passwords.
  • It displays a blog feed from websites similar to yours.

Linkedin Wordpress test

What would you do to improve your site's performance?

  • Only load scripts and styles on pages where they are needed.
  • Use a CDN.
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript files.
  • all of these answers

WordPress assessment LinkedIn answers 

The REST API utilizes which data format?

  • TXT
  • YAML
  • XML
  • JSON

Linkedin Wordpress assessment test answers

Theme developers can take advantage of the Customizer API to give users a way to manipulate basic theme settings. The Customizer API is object-oriented and provides four main objects. What are they?

  • widgets, containers, sections, settings
  • containers, hooks, settings, styles
  • panels, sections, controls, settings
  • panels, blocks, controls, settings

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