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LinkedIn Adobe XD

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update December, 2023

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Exam Detail

linkedin learning Adobe XD

Your developer notifies you that the left alignment of some the text in a slide in menu is off by 2 pixels. How did the developer catch this?

The differing values were noted in the CSS.

The distance values are shown in the developer's share screen.

Artboard guides appear in the developer's share screen.

The developer rolled over them in the developer's share screen.

linkedin Adobe XD assessment answers

What is the first step in setting up a project for coediting?

Enable coediting.

Click the Invite icon.

Enter the email address of the coeditors in the Invite dialog box.

Save the document to the Creative Cloud.

linkedin Adobe XD quiz answers

You are resizing an artboard with responsive resize turned on. How do you first establish relationships between content?

Lock content.

Convert content to master components.

Name content consistently in the Layers panel.

Group content.

linkedin Adobe XD test

How do you change the text in a Repeat Grid cell?

Select the cell and enter the text.

Select the text and change it in the Property Inspector.

Double-click the cell and replace the text.

Import a text file into the cell.

Adobe XD linkedin quiz answers

What is the default trigger used to put an object in motion?


double tap



Adobe XD linkedin assessment answers

Adobe XD linkedin learning


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