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LinkedIn Python (Programming Language)

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update July, 2024

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Exam Detail

   Linkedin Python assessment Quizlet

What built-in Python data type is commonly used to represent a stack?

  • Dictionary
  • List
  • Set
  • None. you can only build a stack from scratch

Python (Programming Language) assessment Linkedin answers

What would this expression return?

college_years = ['Freshman', 'Sophomore', 'Junior', 'Senior']

return list(enumerate(college_years, 2019)

  • [(2019, 'Freshman'), (2020, 'Sophomore'), (2021, 'Junior'), (2022, 'Senior')]
  • [('Freshman', 2019), ('Sophomore', 2020), ('Junior', 2021), ('Senior', 2022)]
  • [(2019, 2020, 2021, 2022), ('Freshman', 'Sophomore', 'Junior', 'Senior')]
  • [('Freshman', 'Sophomore', 'Junior', 'Senior'), (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)]

Python programming language linkedin Quiz

How does defaultdict work?

  • defaultdict stores a copy of a dictionary in memory that you can default to if the original gets unintentionally modified.
  • defaultdict forces a dictionary to only accept keys that are of the data type specified when you created the defaultdict (such as strings or integers).
  • If you try to access a key in a dictionary that doesn't exist, defaultdict will create a new key for you instead of throwing a KeyError.
  • defaultdict will automatically create a dictionary for you that has keys which are the integers 0–10.

Linkedin Python assessment

What is the correct syntax for defining a class called “Game”, if it inherits from a parent class called “LogicGame”?

  • Class Game(LogicGame):
  •    Pass
  • Def Game(LogicGame):
  •        Pass
  • Class Game.LogicGame():
  •        Pass
  • Def game.LogicGame():
  •     Pass

Linkedin Python assessment practice

What is the purpose of the self keyword when defining or calling instance methods?

  • self refers to the instance whose method was called
  • self refers to the class that was inherited from to create the object using self.
  • self means that no other arguments are required to be passed into the method.
  • There is no real purpose for the self method. It's just legacy computer science jargon that Python keeps to stay consistent with other programming languages.

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