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LinkedIn Amazon web services AWS

Exam Type: LinkedIn Skill Test
Last Update November, 2022

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Exam Detail

linkedin Amazon Web Services (AWS) assessment answers

When using an ECS cluster with EC2 instances, what maintenance tasks should you perform on the EC2s?

ECS clusters do not use EC2 instances.

You should not directly manipulate the EC2 instances created by ECS. AWS will automatically update these instances.

The instances created by ECS do not have patches that need to be applied; however, you should make sure your containers contain any important security updates.

Refresh the cluster with instances built from the latest ECS AMI.

linkedin AWS assessment quiz answers

What in-memory caching server is NOT supported by ElastiCache?

Redis 5

Redis 3



Amazon Web Services (AWS) assessment linkedin answers

Which AWS service can be used to help generate the documentation required by various compliance standards, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 for the handling of credit card data?


Secrets Manager

Print out the AWS Compliance summary and keep it with your required documentation for an audit.


linkedin Amazon Web Services assessment

When using AWS for research and development ahead of a planned migration, how do you prevent unexpected increases or spikes in the billing?

Use the billing dashboard to create a cost budget. Input the max amount you want to be charged each month. Any charges that occur over this amount will cause AWS to automatically suspend those resources.

If you are using the AWS free tier, you will have to confirm the usage of any service that goes over the AWS free tier limits.

Using the root AWS account, activate IAM access to the billing information for the account. Make sure your IAM users have the BillingFullAccessGroup policy. Then from the billing dashboard, check the accrued charges once a day.

Using the root AWS account, enable Billing Alerts in the user preferences. Then use CloudWatch to create a billing alarm and set a threshold to a specific dollar amount for your estimated monthly charges.

linkedin AWS skill assessment answers

You are creating a DynamoDB table to store all movies that have been released since 1938. Your application will allow users to search by movie title and see the details of that film. Given the sample below showing the movie data you will be importing, what is the best set of keys to apply to this table?


        "title": "The Avengers",

        "year": 2012,

        "cast": ["Mark Ruffalo", "Robert Downey, Jr."],

        "genres": ["Action"]



The primary key should be created as a completely unique value, such a sequential numerical list of movie IDs. The partition key should be title field for fast lookup.

The primary key should be the title field and the partition key should be the genres field.

The primary key should be a composite key comprised of a partition key on the title field and a sort key on the year field.

The primary key should be a partition key of the title field.

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